2017 Fitness Challenges

I loovee fresh starts. It’s kinda like starting over again. This year is going to be the best year ever. I said it and I mean it. In 2016 I learned that you are in charge of your life and you’re your biggest enemy. This year I’m taking control of the wheel, and here are the challenges I’m up for, and I will try my hardest to commit to.


It was late December, and I wanted to put together a list of challenges, just so I would feel kinda productive. I was scrolling through Pinterest and found a 30 day challenge that will get you to the splits, and I was like heck yeah, I’ve always wanted to do the splits. I bookmarked a tab from the blog 1617 Sunshine Ave, and it’s been a hit for me. I’m only on day 6, and I truly feel like I will be able to do the splits by the end of the month.


I love MapMyFitness, it’s such an amazing app. I got nuts every time they come out with new challenges.

Relentless Resolutions Challenge 

For this challenge, MapMyFitness and Ally bank teamed up and created a challenge to help us start the new year off right. For 30 days, your goal is to log 10 workouts (20 minutes minimum) for 30 days. I’m still involved in another challenge, but why not do this one. I can log my strength days, yoga days, and I’m in the top 30% 😉

You VS the Year 2017

This is a challenge Map My Fitness created and your goal is to run 107KM throughout 2017. Two runs a day count, and at the end of the year, you will get bragging rights, you will gain access to exclusive content and and more! I’ve really been trying to start running again, and logging my workouts will definitely help me stay motivated. I’ve only logged two workouts this year so far, and I’m already in the top 50%.


I will of course be staying committed to my BBG plan. One of my first posts was about me starting it, so you should go and check that out 🙂

I’m so excited to start the year off on a healthy note. I can’t wait to share my results throughout the year, and I hope you guys will take some of the challenges up.

Are you guys doing any challenges? Comment below and let’s share some ideas!

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